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Posted by mdoupe in Store on 2014-07-12 18:14:11 EDT

Welcome, Farmer's Market visitors!

If you're looking for the Online Lego store, click here!

Brickficiency version 0.94 released

Posted by mdoupe in Brickficiency on 2014-06-05 00:42:19 EDT

For more information, check out the Brickficiency page.

New in 0.94 - Context Menu

  • Right clicking on a part or selection of parts will bring up a menu with a bunch of different options that look vaguely familiar.
  • Store total price, item quantity and lot quantity are displayed at the top of each store in the report.
  • Item images and names in the report are now links to the item in the respective Bricklink store.
  • 404 errors while downloading part images are no longer reported (because that was very annoying).
  • Fixed an issue reading Bricklink database files on some computers.
  • The price column will now display 3 decimal places, and the total column 2. Both columns will round to said decimal places.
  • The "Calculation Options" window is now called "Calculation Options".

Brickficiency version 0.92 released

Posted by mdoupe in Brickficiency on 2014-03-13 01:08:07 EDT

Some new features (and a few bug fixes) have been added in Brickficiency 0.92.

For more information, check out the Brickficiency page.

Changes in 0.92:

  • New toolbar
  • The progress bar is now more granular when calculating.
  • Fixed another bug in importing wanted lists (oops).
  • Fixed a bug with displaying (or lack thereof) millions of matches checked.
  • Matches in excess of the "Matches per combination" setting are pruned to save memory. Some very large lists were running out of memory before finishing calculation.
  • Can now change status (by double clicking), condition (by double clicking), quantity, price, comments, and remarks. Also, deleting a line properly deletes the item. Stay tuned for more list creation and modification options.
  • Items with status "x" will not be included in calculation.
  • There is a button/menu item that will allow you to view the current/previous report. While calculating this will show any calculation levels that have completed, but not the current level.
  • Added more error checking and debug info
  • Calculation can now be cancelled at any time. The report will reflect any matches found at the current level.
  • Names of stores for any given country are now cached between calculations (in addition to cached price guide pages that I failed to mention last release)
  • Removed option to save bsx from the import window (don't worry, you can still file -> save as once it's imported)
  • You can now double click a wanted list name in the import window to import it.
  • Fixed a bug that would crash calculation if there were less items than the store combination you were searching for. You can now find a good combination of stores to buy 10,000 of a single piece from.
  • Backend stuff nobody cares about.

Brickficiency version 0.90 released

Posted by mdoupe in Brickficiency on 2014-03-01 19:02:37 EST

Well, it took a while, but I rebuilt Brickficiency in a modern programming language. I'm satisfied that it's up to par with the previous version and has a few added features that people were requesting.


For more information, check out the Brickficiency page.