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Posted by mdoupe in Store on 2014-08-26 23:38:05 UTC

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Brickficiency 0.95 released

Posted by mdoupe in Brickficiency on 2014-08-26 23:17:23 UTC


Just released with many new features. Download it here.


  • 0.95.2
    • Fixed an issue in 0.95 where dependancies were not being included in the .exe. I want to keep Brickficiency as portable as possible, but for now there are a couple of folders containing DLL's that have to sit in the same folder as Brickficiency. I'll try to remedy this in the future.
  • 0.95 - Proper Database, more list creation options
    • There is now a proper database that is automatically updated. It can also be manually updated from the tools menu.
    • Can now manually change item id numbers or double clicking on the item name brings up a change item box
    • Can now create new lists and add parts to a new/existing list (although there is a display bug in the add item dialog)
    • Placing the mouse cursor over a picture of an item will show a larger version of that picture. Double clicking will show an even larger image (the colour may not be accurate on the double clicked image)
    • Selecting a single item will show which sets that item is in, and the quantities it contains.
    • Can now (mostly) import an LDD file, thanks to rebrickable.com! If any items are skipped, the item information (item ID, colour, quantity) will be shown in the message window. If you can figure out which part it is from the lego ID, you can still add it manually.
    • Can now export a list to a bricklink wanted list.
    • Fixed an issue while importing wanted lists when there is no sublists.


Brickficiency version 0.94 released

Posted by mdoupe in Brickficiency on 2014-06-05 04:42:19 UTC

For more information, check out the Brickficiency page.

New in 0.94 - Context Menu

  • Right clicking on a part or selection of parts will bring up a menu with a bunch of different options that look vaguely familiar.
  • Store total price, item quantity and lot quantity are displayed at the top of each store in the report.
  • Item images and names in the report are now links to the item in the respective Bricklink store.
  • 404 errors while downloading part images are no longer reported (because that was very annoying).
  • Fixed an issue reading Bricklink database files on some computers.
  • The price column will now display 3 decimal places, and the total column 2. Both columns will round to said decimal places.
  • The "Calculation Options" window is now called "Calculation Options".

Brickficiency version 0.92 released

Posted by mdoupe in Brickficiency on 2014-03-13 05:08:07 UTC

Some new features (and a few bug fixes) have been added in Brickficiency 0.92.

For more information, check out the Brickficiency page.

Changes in 0.92:

  • New toolbar
  • The progress bar is now more granular when calculating.
  • Fixed another bug in importing wanted lists (oops).
  • Fixed a bug with displaying (or lack thereof) millions of matches checked.
  • Matches in excess of the "Matches per combination" setting are pruned to save memory. Some very large lists were running out of memory before finishing calculation.
  • Can now change status (by double clicking), condition (by double clicking), quantity, price, comments, and remarks. Also, deleting a line properly deletes the item. Stay tuned for more list creation and modification options.
  • Items with status "x" will not be included in calculation.
  • There is a button/menu item that will allow you to view the current/previous report. While calculating this will show any calculation levels that have completed, but not the current level.
  • Added more error checking and debug info
  • Calculation can now be cancelled at any time. The report will reflect any matches found at the current level.
  • Names of stores for any given country are now cached between calculations (in addition to cached price guide pages that I failed to mention last release)
  • Removed option to save bsx from the import window (don't worry, you can still file -> save as once it's imported)
  • You can now double click a wanted list name in the import window to import it.
  • Fixed a bug that would crash calculation if there were less items than the store combination you were searching for. You can now find a good combination of stores to buy 10,000 of a single piece from.
  • Backend stuff nobody cares about.

Brickficiency version 0.90 released

Posted by mdoupe in Brickficiency on 2014-03-02 00:02:37 UTC

Well, it took a while, but I rebuilt Brickficiency in a modern programming language. I'm satisfied that it's up to par with the previous version and has a few added features that people were requesting.


For more information, check out the Brickficiency page.